the first thing you need to know is that


I try to provide more than just photography... I aim to provide the Pardon my French Experience! I want you to have the BEST time, get excited, have fun and create the most amazing memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!


At Pardon My French I specifically taylor shoots to our client's individual needs, wishes and desires.  My goal is to capture important moments in your life and immortalise them forever.  I therefore put a lot of time into planning, executing and editing shoots. The result being that you have something worthy of a magazine which you can hang on your wall or have on display in your home.

Pardon My French also has a vast catalogue of props and wardrobes which you can access if desired. I have outfits, baskets, floral crowns, bow ties, headbands, throws, picnic blankets and so much more to truly individualise your photos and create something really special! It is a collection which I have amassed over a long period of time sourced both locally and internationally. 

Location is the one of the defining aspects of any photography session. At Pardon my French we I am very adaptive to your needs and ideas.  I have a studio at her home in Highbury which is utilised for various shoots, especially for newborn babies.  Adjacent to the studio there is also a picturesque reserve with a meandering walking path, which makes for gorgeous photos. Alternatively I have numerous other locations which have previously been scouted and are perfect for taking photos.  If you have a particular spot in mind we can utilise that as well; I try to be as accommodating as possible. The timing of a shoot is also critical in regards to light. I am more than happy to take photos when light is at its best and will in fact advise you of the best times that we should undertake our session.

From the Photographer: "Everything I do is geared towards making sure you end up with the best product that Pardon my French can possibly provide to you. I am constantly assessing everything I do and whether perhaps I can make it better. The way I interact with clients, the layout and approachability of my website, the rapidity of my response to clients, the speed in which you receive your photos, the packaging in which your photos come, all of this I have put a lot of hard work in to ensure that my clients receive the best service I can give them and make it the most enjoyable experience I can. If you chose to engage Pardon My French I will do all in my power to ensure that you go home with a set of photos that you will treasure for a lifetime because at the end of the day I want my clients to be satisfied with the Pardon my French experience. " 

Pardon my French is built around providing a fun experience and creating beautiful memories. We strive to make our customers happy with pre shoot consultation on styling and what to wear and letting our clients choose  their  favourite digitally enhanced images. It would be such an honour for us to serve your photography needs and be part of your memories. Please be sure to contact us with questions & send us an e-mail to check our availability.

Contact Brigitte for a current price list.